Our Story

About Grand Pacific Luxe 

I am a wife, mom, grandma ("Gingey") and a local realtor in Salem, OR. I have always had a passion for incredible smelling candles. As a realtor, I absolutely love walking into a home that feels comfortable and welcoming and smells tasteful. I have combined my passion of real estate with my passion of great fragrances to create Grand Pacific Luxe. This new little business was started because I was making clean, great smelling, luxury coconut wax candles as gifts for my real estate clients. Word spread quickly about the positive reviews and people began asking me to make them some candles too. It has been so rewarding and humbling to see that people really enjoy the extraordinary candles I am creating. After almost a full year of research, testing and trying all types of wax options, I found my best results came with coconut wax. After a lot of research I learned that coconut wax provides a clean and slow burn equaling a longer lasting candle, and that means your candle lasts up to 50% longer than a candle made of other wax! I have personally found coconut wax to give a consistent fragrance throw through the entire life of the candle. How many times have you bought a candle that smells great in the jar and then has ZERO smell when you burn it?? Big disappointment, right?! At Grand Pacific Luxe I strive to create clean, luxury candles with beautiful fragrances that smell amazing from the moment you smell them for the first time until the candle has burned to the bottom of the vessel. All of the fragrance oils I use meet the most stringent regulation of California Prop 65. This means they are free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins and other potentially hazardous chemicals. They are also phthalate free as well being skin and body safe. My vision has been to combine wholesome wax + robust, clean fragrances = a luxury candle I am proud of! Every candle is hand poured in small batches in Salem, OR, by me, Ginger Page, small business owner/Realtor/designer/candle lover in a small studio in my home. My true hope is that these candles bring a smile to your face & joy to your heart! Thank you so much for supporting my business!